Everything has started with a dream. My friend Ivan Masliuk – cannot walk on his own (he has a cerebral palsy since his birth), but he had a dream – to come across the 12 European countries by bike (5000 km) and to prove the whole world that there are no restrictions even if you are disabled.
In 2016 we fulfilled the dream of our friend!And it was the beginning of a great project for assistance the handicap people!
on3wheels -Map5000 km, 4 friends, 100days

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You can also transfer donations to our bank account:Alior bankIBAN: PL61 2490 0005 0000 4000 6814 4159
Name: Oleh Savchuk

Now we are going to cross the USA from Los-Angeles (Сalifornia) to Key West (Florida)

Yes, you got it right! Our friend Ivan, who cannot walk, but can ride a particular bike will cross the US together with his friends !

To significantly change society`s  attitude toward people with disabilities and  inspire thousands of disabled people to fulfill their dreams and to set up an international platform for every handicapped person to sign up and start its cherished travel.

We will come across 17 states and in each one of them we are going to make seminars to inspire people with special needs that they can make their dreams come true! But also we strive to encourage them to travel!
We will pass 7500 km.
I will ride by recumbent bike and my friend Ivan by a particular hand-bike!

Reasons to support us:
– This totally unique project will attract media attention in all the countries we pass through.
– “On 3 Wheels” is a project that could motivate thousands of people and demonstrate that with courage, desire, and friends any dream can come true.
– We will be blogging in twoo languages (Ukrainian and English) www.on3wheels.org also https://www.facebook.com/on3wheels/
– Anton Somin is a professional cameraman and he will document the entire trip. During this project, dozens of videos will be made, but the most important one will be the documentary of the whole trip.

What can we offer in return for your support :
– Highlighting your support on our blog and Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/on3wheels/
– Your logo on the shirts we wear while traveling and during media events.
– Your logo on our support car that will be following us on the trip
– Field testing your products (if applicable)
– Featuring your company’s products in all of our video and print media, and permission to use our footage in your own promotions
We also are open to any input, suggestions, or advice!

Best Regards, on3wheels team

**If you want to support Ivan but you are not from Ukraine simply send us a message