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One donation – one chance. It’s easy to donate:

You can also transfer donations to our bank account:
IBAN: PL61 2490 0005 0000 4000 6814 4159
Name: Oleh Savchuk

Our Ukrainian mass media expressed their support as well as our European partners, also we are having negotiating with parthenrs in the USA
What can we offer in return for your support :
– Highlighting your support on our blog and Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/on3wheels/
– Your logo on the shirts we wear while traveling and during media events.
– Your logo on our support car that will be following us on the trip
– Field testing your products (if applicable)
– Featuring your company’s products in all of our video and print media, and permission to use our footage in your own promotions
We also are open to any input, suggestions, or advice!

This project is definitely unique and it will draw the attention of all the mass media in US. 

We strongly believe that we will implement it with your help!