My name is Oleh Savchuk, nicknamed in people Sava. I’m 24 and I’m enjoying my life! I was born in small town Sosnivka, near Lviv. After graduating from high school, I went to get higher education in neighboring Poland, held a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism, but didn’t get quite well how this small piece of paper, standing on the shelf, can help me to realize my dreams and dreams of people I care about, so that, I went to travel and finally found my purpose in life, which I want to share with you.


I like travelling (have already visited more than 30 countries) and this text I’m writing sitting on the Persian Gulf under a palm tree, reading books, free time mostly dedicate to my father, helping him in a charity fund. My father annually organizes cycling trips abroad for children. In turn, I’m engaged in training and help children to prepare physically for such journeys. Also, based on charitable foundation I created Travel Club, which always meets local youth to discuss various topics, social issues, often get visitors from abroad and share the experience of wandering.
Since childhood my parents have endeavored to show me another side of life, attaching a love for nature and people. “For it is in giving what we receive” and this is what I would like to deal with. One day, by no accidental accident I was fortunate to meet Ivan. When I saw him, he said that ride on a horse and it is his favorite pastime. I was delighted with the willpower and desire to live, which was Sava & Ivanemitted from Ivan. When I asked if he had a dream, I heard: “I want to travel as you, Sava. I want to go through all of Europe to Lisbon – the capital of Portugal. I want to get there on my own, `cause my disability is not an obstacle to live each day to the fullest!” I told him that nothing is impossible and we will do it together! “We need just pass some physical trainings and find a way by which we could travel”. – I said.