Hello everyone.D80_4088

My name is Ivan (John),  I’m 20 years old and I live in a beautiful Berezivka, village in western part of  Ukraine. I want to begin with saying that we have  plenty of opportunities and interesting possibilities in our life, sometimes you just want to grab each and every of them. But sometimes we lack of willpower or motivation and/or are full of doubts, but sometimes there are those who has strong desire to live and seize each moment. But due to  physical condition have to limit themselves. I was born with  Musculoskeletal disorder, so I cant control lower part of my body.

But I was not going to give up I just wanted to live as the rest of kids.Disease has never stood on my way of attending school and experience fun and beautiful moments of life.Untitled-1

Since the childhood I have earned reputation as uncompromising and stubborn (in a good sense).  I do not like pity, because it just steals all motivation away.

I never let the bad influence to get to me, like drinking or doing something stupid, on a contrary I am playing football as goalkeeper, challenge myself  on the horizontal bar and parallel bars with friends, and I have a lot of friends including girls with great personalities.

But I remember the moment that dramatically changed my attitude to the world and everything around.  The moment I met Sava, I discovered a desire to self-exploration through the world exploration. Inspired by my new friend, I decided to travel to Lisbon and maybe even further in spite of whatever it may cost me.

This desire was growing bigger ans bigger with every new adventure, that made me stronger and more experienced. For now I have managed, with the help of my friend Sava, to finish two-days trip riding on my horse, hiking in the mountains, with reaching the top. A big thank you to my friends for that, who dragged my bicycle and me on theirs backs to make it happen.cropped-12036942_1065620670115111_5024351499650126344_n1-e1456331388160.jpg

But my dream is to travel around the world, by Tandem bicycle. I can help ride it , using hands. I believe that despite everything, the dream will come true and people like me, who believe in themselves, will find additional motivation for self-exploration and world as well. And this would help to show the difference between ones who can but dont want to and the ones who cant but really want to. Thank you.