Every traveler, tourist, and athlete knows that convenient and comfortable equipment is the most important thing on the road since it is an indicator for how quickly you will travel and how well you will feel…..Here is a list of equipment that we need for our journey.

  Trike and equipment


Трьохколісний велосипед  image1 Trike                          


Велосипедний компютер  image2 Bike computer              


Переднє велосипедне світло  image3 Front lights                   


Шоломи  image4 Helmet                              


Велосумка на кермо  image5 Hand Panniers

Задні Велосипедні сумки  image6 Pair of back panniers

Передні велосипедні сумки  image6 Pair of front panniers
  Tools and Spare Parts


Насос  image7 Pump            

Багатофункціональний інструмент 1


 image8 Multitool

One multi-tool for bike-related work like chain removing or fixing spokes

Багатофункціональний інструмент 2  image9 Multitool

Another multitool with screwdriver, knife, pliers and other useful tools


Велосипедні шини  image10 Spare tires
  1. Camping

Camping is definitely one of the aspect of itinerant travel we love the most. It is so pleasant to sit outside and watch sunset while dinner is being cooked…

Camping, sleeping and cooking


Намет  image11 Tent


Спальні мішки  image12 Sleeping bags


Білизна для спальних мішків  image13 Sleeping bag liner


Каремати  image14 Sleeping mat
Підстилка для намету  image15 Tent groundsheet


Рюкзак туристичний  image16 Hiking Backpack

Мультипаливний пальник к  image17 Camping cooker (gas or fuel) plus bottle


Посуд туристичний


 image18 Cooking set


Термос на воду  image19 Thermos jug


Термос для Їжі


 image20 Food thermos


Контейнери для їжі  image21 Lunch box / plate

Фільтер для води  image22 Water filter

Гідро сумка  image23 Hydration bag

Great water reserve


Ліхтар на голову  image24 Headlamps


Ніж складний  image25 Knife


Компас  image26 Compass
  1. Clothes & Accessories

Findling clothes for travelling is a headache. You need light, breathable and resistant materials, but most of all you need clothes you feel good in because you’re going to wear them for months every day.

Clothes and Equipment


Куртка водонепроникна  image27 Waterproof Goretex jacket


Вітровка      image28 Windproof Light Jacket


Фліси  image29 Fleece jacket


Термоодяг  image30 Baselayer thermal

Very useful for chilly weather


Штани  image31 Trousers

Водонепроникні штани


 image32 Waterproof trousers


Велосипедне взуття  image33 Shoes

Special bicycle shoes for long tours.


Сандалі  image34 Sandals

For hot days and refreshing feet

Водонепроникне взуття  image35 Shoe raincover



 image36 Sunglasses


Шарф (бав еластичний)  image37 Buff

A classic for touring, perfect against cold and the disgusting exhaust fumes.


Велосипедні рукавиці image38 Bicycle gloves


Of course these lists are not exhaustive

  1. Electronic Equipment

Most of the cyclists think a DSLR camera is unnecessary luxury and extra weight. We don’t think so. We like taking photographs when travelling. We will also carry a Gopro camera to record videos.

Photo and Electronic Equipment


Цифрова фотокамера  image39 DSLR Camera

To shoot photos of highest quality.

Додаткові micro SD катртки  image40 Memory: Dime card holder for Micro SD and 8x micro SD

We are planning to use micro SD cards to make backups and from time to time send backup of photos home.

Штатив  image41 DSLR Tripod


Камера GO pro  image42 Video camera: Gopro 1080

GPS  навігатор  image43 Hiking GPS

Most likely we will use it when we have the impression of being lost or need directions to a specific address in a city.

Компютер  image44 Laptop

We will need it to send and edit photos and videos and update our blog for you.


Компютеран мишка  image45 Laptop mouse

Useful to work on photos.

Жосткий диск 3 tr  image46 External Hard Drive: 3TB HDD


Електронна Книга  image47 Ebook-Reader

Ivan is quite a bookworm. Taking many is just too heavy, so an ebook reader is the perfect gadget.